It’s no big secret that Hans is a rather large chicken that likes to eat German sausages. But I bet even the largest chicken ever recorded wouldn’t weigh enough to compress the landing gear of a Cessna 172. This is another “classic” comic from the very early days of Chicken Wings. In the very beginning of the series we have had it in our mind that Hans is from Germany, loves his beer and sausage, and has a very thick accent. Of course it is hard to portray an accent with a few speech bubbles of a comic. We tried touching on it with a few things they say but it just doesn’t “come out” the way it sounds in our heads. Should we ever go animated, there will be accents for Hans AND Julio for sure.

Some of you may have noticed my absence in these blogs. This fire season has been crazy with more acres burned already than all of last year and we have all hands on deck. All of our machines have been called out and I have been on the road non-stop since the beginning of June. It’s hard to run Chicken Wings from the road especially when you’re sitting in a field without internet and your lovely helper has been called to a fire as well. I apologize for any delays getting your orders out as well. Things should calm down a bit in a month or so we are hoping.