To come up with good ideas on the spot can be hard. To come up with good ideas at all is hard enough to begin with, but when somebody’s quick on their feet, mentally speaking, when they’re under pressure, is an impressive sight to see. I don’t often watch discussions, and I especially gave up on watching political debates, mostly because it’s always the same stuff over and over again. But I really enjoy watching two (or more) really smart people debate each other. I even appreciate smart and witty debating from people I totally disagree with. Nothing is more infuriating than watching people who are either stupid, ideologically totally entrenched, or just not good with words starting to resort to tactics such as raising their voices, ad hominem attacks etc. when they notice they cannot win with arguments. Loosing well is way more respectable, but alas, a very very rare skill.

Anyway, I’m rambling again … need to go paint that garden fence! Cheers everyone!