Who all in the coop uses an electronic flight bag? I have flown Part 91 for the last 5 years so it hasn’t really come up much for me along official FAA routes, although we pretty much use the equivalent of an electronic flight bag anyway. It’s a really handy tool as long as everything works. Even after years of using it, I still seem to not be able to shake the feeling of longing for at least one paper map as backup.

I don’t care if it is the most current one. Any map will do, just to have one. It’s something about the over-reliance on automation to help me thought the day that just doesn’t sit well with me a hundred percent. Also, it seems that we always end up with multiple iPads and phones, and apps and e-maps ‘just in case’ one of them fails. And fail they do rattling around in 30+ year old helicopters and flying in the heat (or worse, leaving the iPad in the aircraft on a hot sunny day). I might be dating myself but a good GPS and a map as backup always seemed to work for me.

Which, by the way, leads to another question: How many of you have ever had a map sail out the window in flight?