Unlike many other men, I am not a car enthusiast. Which is fortunate, because with the income of a cartoonist, that would make me a very unsatisfied man. But maybe that’s part of a psychological trick that my mind plays on me, to not covet things that I would never be able to afford anyway. I am sure that if I won the lottery, I would buy a better car. Still, I’d probably go for a dad-mobile, like a minivan or something, where I could fit in the whole family, the bikes, the toys, etc. without having to play tetris.

The thing that I would probably enjoy most about having a good car is that it wouldn’t get so noisy when I’m driving on the highway. Anything above 100km/h and I can’t even have a phone conversation anymore.

Does anyone of you have a particularly noteworthy ride? I know my brother has one. Unlike Chuck, he drives a really old Toyota pickup truck which probably almost counts as an old-timer by now.