Here’s a long-winded question from a naive non-pilot: When I had the pleasure of being drafted into the army, I learned truck driving on really, really old trucks. Due to this, and due to the duties as a driver in general, I developed a habit of doing walkarounds and checks before getting into a car. Checking the tires, occasionally checking the fluids, etc. As the years went by, I regressed into a “let’s hop in and drive” attitude again, probably because cars nowadays are so reliable, that I barely ever run into any troubles at all and it makes the “preflight” unnecessary. So, to the actual question: Is it the same with airplanes? I mean I know that there are preflight checklists that you have to stick to, but do those lists get shorter over time, because everything gets more user-friendly and reliable? Or is it the opposite, because aircraft carry more and more gadgets?