Ah, the convenience of ordering food. We truly live in wondrous times. Just think about the food variety that was available only 50 years ago and compare it to today. 50 years ago, even pizza was considered exotic. And I remember well the times when the first Chinese restaurant opened in our little town. Or the first time I ate sushi, many years later. Today, all that and more is available at the click of the button in an app on your smartphone. Unlimited variety, 24/7, with nothing ever being out of season. Amazing.

And yet, it is another thing we already take for granted and rely upon without giving it a second thought. I wonder sometimes how many people would starve within the first three days of a catastrophe of some sort, because they don’t even have a tiny bit of food stacked away in their homes. I hope we’ll never see that day! Boy, I really went off on a tangent from the content of the strip again, haha.