While United Airlines are probably working hard on their bettering their image, Hans seems to have taken a liking to the airline business model. When I was working for a certain flight school (way back when, yes, the one where most of our ideas originally came from) we often had students cancel last minute which left the plane parked and the instructor roaming around the airport rather aimlessly getting him or herself into trouble.
I can’t believe we never thought of just overbooking the planes!

One summer there we had this father/son team from Europe book a Cessna 172 for 3 weeks. Since they were already licensed, they were going to just get checked out and then tour the States for the rest of the time by plane. The “real” Hans was very excited and already saw big dollar signs because he expected the plane to fly every day. We did a fresh 100hr and moved a bunch of students to other planes to accommodate for the trip. The two jokers showed up and flew ok so they got signed off. The next day their big adventure started with their first over-night stop being Las Vegas …

(* pause for effect *)

Well … and that’s as far as they went. After not hearing from them for almost a week we finally received a phone call that they lost all their money gambling and couldn’t continue on with their vacation. If I remember right, they didn’t even have enough money to bring the plane back (or they didn’t want to have to face Hans, LOL). So they just left the plane and went home and that was the last we ever heard of them.
Maybe Hans is on to something here after all. Though it looks to me that Scott is a fairly buff chicken though so I’m not sure how Chuck will fare on this one.

Actually, now that I think about it: It seems to me that my dentist does the exact same thing. Every time I show up there, I’m far from being the only one in his waiting room …