It’s amazing how easily Chuck gets distracted. But don’t we all know that guy in a way?

I have had countless situations where people started out with the intention of helping, yet when you actually need them they are missing doing something else. I also know people who HAVE to answer the phone if it is ringing and just cannot let the call go to voicemail no matter how unimportant that call may be. Apparently all calls are important for some people. My favorite was when this happened while I was teaching a class. Really? Somebody better be in the hospital if you can’t wait the few minutes until the module is done or at least let me finish my sentence. By now you might be able to tell that this is a pet peeve of mine.

Ok, rant over back to Chuck:

I think what we have here is another example of Chuck starting out with the best of intentions. Yet, being the quintessential Type A Personality pilot that he is, he gets distracted often by shiny objects or planes flying over. Maybe he wasn’t feeling like he was contributing enough to Julio’s operation and therefore had little reservation about taking a call? But my guess is that there isn’t all that much of a thought process going on in Chuck’s bird brain. Wait! Was that my phone? Gotta go!