Let me start out with wishing all of you a HAPPY 2017! Turning over a new leaf is always exciting! May 2017 bring you great times and adventures! I’ve been very busy in the last couple of days so I didn’t get to blog quite as much. Luckily my brother can take over these duties. We both appreciate everybody tuning in every week and all of your comments / ideas / stories. Please keep them coming!

Before you say Chuck should already know all the parts of an engine, which he probably does, I want to add that today’s strip mainly describes a feeling. It’s that feeling you get (and it happens a lot in aviation but I bet a lot of you working other jobs will be familiar with it as well) when somebody who has no idea what you are doing decides to take it upon himself to help out. It is usually totally unsolicited and most of the time more annoying than helpful. Then you fix what you were working on and they take a lot of credit for helping even though they had nothing to do with the outcome. Most of those individuals seem to also be the “Have you tried turning it off and then back on again?” type of guys as well I have found.

Has this happened to you before?