Merry Christmas everybody! Or shall I say Happy Holidays? I personally have never met anybody who was offended by either. It’s one of those subjects that I only ever read about and can never quite fathom if it really is an issue for some people or not.

Anyway, while my brother temporarily resides in what seems to be the Pakistani part of Sydney, where it’s midsummer right now, and thus is doubly challenged with getting into the Christmas spirit, here in Austria things are getting more and more festive by the hour. I am really looking forward to the big family gathering tomorrow, the people, the food, the singing and to witness the little folk’s eyes light up when they see the Christmas tree. Closely followed by drowning in gift wrapping paper.

That is, if everything goes according to plan. Just ten minutes ago, our younger son threw up all over the kitchen. I hear there’s a stomach bug making the rounds, which apparently made it its mission to create suspense for the children and the parents! Yay! Exciting!

Well, we’ll hope for the best. And I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas, wherever you are and whatever you wish for, be it excitement, serenity, a feeling of belonging, or simply to survive! Have a big feathered hug from the chicken coop to start!