While we are kept waiting to find out what happens next, we get to meet Hans’s cat at least. Is it just me, or do I see a close resemblance to the famous Garfield in that cat. I wonder why that is? We grew up reading about the adventures of the worlds laziest cat. But we had no idea Garfield had a sister.

Since you guys have proven to me that you actually read what’s underneath the comic, I decided to share a story my crew chief told me last night. I was laughing the whole night and it made me think of Chuck:

When my chief was a crew chief in the air force working on cargo planes (for a different country and before everything became PC) they were told they had to fly a passenger from A to B somewhere in Africa. The passenger was a “desk soldier” and had never been in the cockpit of an airplane so they decided to make the flight more interesting for her. They took off and proceeded on their way during what was just a routine flight. The lady was thoroughly enjoying her experience in the cockpit with “the guys”.
But when it came time to start the decent and approach the copilot said to the captain “Well captain, it’s time to start the approach” to which the captain responded “Oh no, I don’t do the approaches. I am only a take-off captain”.

“What? But I am also just a take-off captain!” the copilot responded.
“So you’re saying we have only two take off captains and no landing captains on this plane?”
“How are we supposed to land this thing?”
“I can’t believe this. Why would they schedule the two of us together?”
“It makes no sense! What were they thinking over in dispatch?”

The lady was getting really nervous at this point.

“Well, I guess we can give it a try.”
“We don’t have any options really because fuel is getting low. And I’ve seen what the landing captain does once before.”

They proceeded with the approach and started to over steer the aircraft just slightly, messing around not picking up the glide slope 😉
The lady freaked out, started crying, total panic. They couldn’t even console her after they told her it was just a joke and there was no such thing as a take-off captain and a landing captain. The chief thought she may have never flown in a plane since…
I don’t think it was necessarily a mean spirited joke because they were probably expecting her to say “Yeah, right” at some point but apparently they were too convincing.

But doesn’t this story sound like something Chuck and Julio might be involved in?
Can it be that “Chicken Wings” is not invented after all?