Have you ever lost power to all of your electronic instruments?

I think we’ve been over this before but in my job we have become so dependent on the iPad that it is a minor disaster if it fails. How do we navigate? How do we send our daily flight sheets? How do we do a weight and balance? Luckily everybody I fly with comes from a time where you still navigated with paper maps. Although it does take us a minute to find them and remind ourselves how to use all this stone age equipment, haha.

I might be dating myself here but I still remember when one of the first moving map GPS’s came out not all too long ago. It was a huge box in the tailboom and you had to update it with numerous 3 1/2″ floppy disks every other week. Remember the old floppy disks even? It made the Jet Ranger heavy enough that you could only take 3 passengers instead of 4.
Technology is a great thing and saves a lot of time and energy … as long as it works 😉

Where did the term “Whiskey Compass” or “Schnapps Compass” come from anyways? Was it a WW2 thing?