In a certain way, being a parent is a bit like being in an army bootcamp. I don’t mean just the fact that you don’t get enough sleep, but also that it is such an all-consuming task that it’s nearly impossible to be able to talk about anything else. I try my best to avoid the topic with strangers, because I know how much other people’s kids interested me before I became a dad. But anyway, looking at the first panel of today’s strip, I can’t help but make a connection to the subject of “stuff on the floor.”

There always, always is stuff on the floor. Crumbs, for instance. Or spit. The days where I was appalled or confused when I stepped in something wet are long gone. And toys, of course. We don’t even buy that many toys, but somehow they seem to accumulate to ridiculous amounts almost by themselves. I estimate that half of the world’s oil production ends up as plastic toys in the living and kids rooms across the globe. And no matter how much you try to organize and clean up, the natural habitat for a toy is the floor. So I really sympathize with Julio here!