Look it up! It’s a thing! It’s actually a big thing we are facing all the time in the industry. Time zone changes, red-eye flights, maintenance delays, the list is long. Even with many breaks in place it is almost unavoidable because the nature of the business. I can mainly speak for the helicopter industry of course given my extensive background there vs airline flying. August is pretty much the toughest month in my business with the long days and the high fire danger. Hot windy conditions and utility aircraft without air-conditioning aren’t helping either. Now combine that with the typical Type A personality and our “Can be done” attitude and we are setting ourselves up for trouble. Who of you in here flying for a living can honestly say they have never been there or allowed themselves to push the limits every now and then?
Not me, I can tell you for a fact.

But the FAA is starting to look into exactly what is happening to Chuck here. They are finding out that a lot of us are not using their rest time properly. Instead of going to bed, reading a few pages out of a novel and then sleep, we are getting carried away playing around on social media half the night.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be regulations on this sort of thing sooner or later once the first big accident can be directly linked to a gaming, social media, or a Pokemon Go addiction …