I wanted to write something about the fact that I can’t really speak about drugs, outside of a theoretical perspective, because pretty much the only drug I do is beer. And even that I don’t consume very regularly in recent times.

But then I thought about the feeling I just had. I just had lunch, and when I got back into my office, I felt this absolute craving for sugar. It can’t be that I’m hungry, because I just ate. For a minute or two it was at the absolute forefront of my mind, and I had to concentrate to be able to work. I more and more get the suspicion that sugar is one of the most addictive substances out there. And it’s so hard to avoid, because it is present in so many foods, either naturally or added. I significantly reduced my sugar intake in the last year and a half. But recently, because of vacation, where I don’t skip the dessert and do indulge in ice cream, and because of the delicious jams we just made out of the cherries and apricots in our own garden, I think my digestive system has already reverted back to the old sugar routine. Also, I show pretty much all of the warning signs that Chuck is showing, so it’s high time to wane myself off again!