Flying and working on the Coast of Southern California we used to joke about how easy navigating was around here. Mountains to the right and water to the left, you’re going north. Water to the right and mountains to the left and you’re going south.
Yet some of our students still managed to get themselves lost on their solo cross country. The incident that took the most “un-doing” was when a student landed at the Vandenberg Air Force Base instead of Santa Maria. How she did that we will never know since one is right off the beach with a single space shuttle sized runway, while the other is further inland with intersecting, comparatively small, runways. She had to spend the night there of course and the plane was pretty much taken apart but after a bunch of bitter tears they let her go eventually.

So naturally the next step for us with this simple coastal navigation technique was to have Chuck take it to the next level and actually apply it while circling one of California’s bigger islands off the coast. Although for me personally, my favorite joke in this strip is Chuck conserving electricity by shutting the GPS off in flight to help out the planet…

OH! And have we mentioned this already? The new book is now available here!!!