Number Five is Alive!

Aviators and aviation enthusiasts worldwide rejoice! We finally have what the flying business had been missing for 4 years now! That’s right, another book with more adventures at Roost-Air. It has been way too long since our last book but we finally made it back into the comic printing business.

We proudly present …

Chicken Wings 5 – Turning Crosswind

Chicken Wings 5 - Turning Crosswind

This is really exciting for us because we made a bunch of progress on this one. Book 5 will fly at you with a different format, more strips, a different way to do the cover, and less weight. And with the improvements and changes to the printing process we were able to make we are hoping of getting back into a rhythm that allows for more releases in shorter periods of time. We feel these books are easier to read and have great color which shows off Stefan’s artwork even better. Of course we are anxious to see what you guys think and can’t wait to get feedback “from the field”.

So please order away and don’t be shy with writing us your thoughts, comments, ideas, and input of any kind.