I can’t remember exactly but I am pretty sure this round of strips was invented while I was working in Australia as I touched on last week. Are you guys familiar with the Huntsman Spider? They say it’s pretty harmless but just the size of the thing makes me want to react like Chuck. It takes every fiber of my being to remain calm on the outside while I am going “WAAAAA” on the inside, LOL.

By the way! Nobody guessed the title of our new book! I am sure you guys have found that out by now and we have notified the winners. See the explanation on how the winners were chosen in our facebook group. We are still missing Joe Black, so if you read this Joe, please write me an email (mike@chickenwingscomics.com) with you address if you want the free book. Thanks for playing everybody. We saw some very great and creative ideas in the submissions we will definitely take into consideration for the next book.

“Chicken Wings 5 – TURNING CROSSWIND” will be available in our stores starting this weekend May 29th! But if you like, you can pre-order them now HERE to get a head start on the chicken feeding frenzy!