New Chicken Wings BookWe did it! Aviators worldwide rejoice, Chuck and friends are finally back in book for again! Behold our 5th book titled “Chicken Wings 5 – …” well, here is the thing. We want you to guess what the latest title is. Let’s have a contest this week and the 2 participants who can guess the new title will walk away with a free book shipped out before the official release date. That will be 2 in the States and 2 in Europe, 4 total. If nobody guesses the title we will pick two winners among titles we think matches the closest by this coming weekend and announce the winners Sunday the 22nd of May. Also, as soon as we have two right guesses the contest is over and the first two who guessed right will get the book if there are more right guesses.

Oh! And even more importantly before I totally forget, the official release date of the new book will be Memorial Day Weekend, or how it’s known to the rest of the world, Sunday the 29th of May. Mark the day on your calendars!

Now, let’s hear some comments, concerns, ideas, and most of all, new title guesses!