Take a closer look at the number on this strip! That’s right, it’s #1000! It took a little while but we are there! Of course this means we have drawn way more than that since the 2-liners and the single panel comics are numbered separately. And you may have just noticed, I am using the term “we” rather loosely since most of the drawing work falls on my brother. Still I feel this might be a milestone to celebrate, I am opening a beer as I am writing this (keep in mind we write most blogs the night before we post them – I have not taken to day-drinking quite yet).

I was kind of hoping for this to be a “funny” strip instead of being about the TSA, haha! Some of you might have seen my rant about the TSA on social media last week. Well, this is the result. As so many times in the past, my adventures end up getting processed in cartoon form as soon as I am able to laugh about the situation or see the irony. What I really like about this strip is how Stefan captured the TSA officer! Look closer next time you fly, and I bet you will see this exact guy in front of you all the way down to the blue gloves! 😉