How ironic is it, that on the day that I upload a comic strip about somebody being delayed, I am a few hours late posting said strip? I’d venture to say, it’s certainly more ironic than a black fly in your Chardonnay! Which is actually just gross, not really ironic at all.

Anyway, in my case, it wasn’t the follow-me car that delayed me, but all kinds of errands. I basically spent the whole day roaming through hardware and building supply stores. Which in and of itself is a pleasurable experience for a male. I expect that what shopping clothes must feel like for women. But boy, those stores are getting bigger and bigger! And for some reason the stuff you’re looking for is evenly distributed in all four corners. And then, you also want to see what they have to offer in other places …

Then, at home, I wanted to mow the lawn really quick, and, for the first time in my life, I ran over the electric cable. Don’t you hate it, when you’re trying to get something done really fast, and then make a mistake that makes you end up waaay later than if you’d have worked slower, but calmly and attentively?

So, here we are. It’s evening already. But at least I didn’t forget! Hope you all have a great weekend!