You just don’t mess with a man’s tools, period. It doesn’t matter if that man is an aircraft mechanic, or car mechanic, or a male chicken working on cartoon airplanes. Aviation tools are expensive and a life-time investment and guys rightfully get very protective of them.

In my house we have two different systems. I have a MAC toolbox almost exactly like the one Julio uses. It’s not super organized with tool shadowing anymore but everything has its place. My wife has a “tool bowl”. It’s an old salad bowl with a bunch of random tools in it. She claims there is a system but even if there was, it sure would be hard to figure out for the average guy. Somehow when I’m gone for longer periods, some of my tools seem to wander out of my tool box just to miraculously end up in her “tool bowl”. Doesn’t always make me happy but at least I know where to look when something is missing out of my box.

P.S.: Sorry for posting later than usual! We were experiencing internet connection problems.