As a cartoonist, I am not subject to random drug testing. From practical point of view, I would have no problem with it. The only drugs I occasionally partake in are light forms of alcohol and the odd aspirin or whatever to get through a cold. Since I became a father, time is short, I go out less and go to bed way earlier than before, so even my alcohol consumption has been reduced to an average of maybe two beers a week.

But on a moral level, I would sure hate to be told what I can and can’t consume. I totally get that, if you operate heavy machinery and/or are responsible for other people’s lives, you have to be of sound mind. But isn’t it unfair that, if you get totally wasted on booze on Friday and then get called for a random drug test on Monday, you’re okay, but if you smoke one joint on Friday and get tested on Monday, you’d lose your job?

And, continuing the discussion from last Friday, about crew rest and pilot fatigue, isn’t sleep deprivation way worse than most effects of drugs? I heard that the crew of the Dubai Air plane that crashed in Russia was said to be totally overworked and sleep deprived, and that this problem is way more common in the industry than most people would want to admit.

And what about prescription drugs? I’m sure there are books full of regulations fort those, right?

Again, I don’t even do drugs myself, and this is just my humble opinion, but I sure think that a more relaxed attitude towards recreational drug use would probably be the best for everybody. If you compare the Netherlands, who “have to” shut down prisons because of a lack of crime, and the US, whose prisons are full to the brim with (not only, but a lot) of non-violent drug offenders, it isn’t hard to see which system seems to work better.

By the way, that’s an interesting question to the Dutch among you: Are pilots allowed to consume hemp, or are the rules stricter than for regular citizens?