Even though we make light of the situation here at Roost-Air, pilot fatigue is a very serious issue. Many publications have been written about pilot fatigue, yet it still seems to take up a good portion of every accident and incident graph or statistic. Some have said it is even on the rise now with all the modern technology we now have acquired and can’t seem to be able to turn off in time to get some rest.

At my day job we have our own issues with this problem, especially with the international travel and long duty times during big fires. But one thing I have noticed is that I spend a good time of my day updating electronics, GPS’s, maps, and write reports which all dips into time I could spend resting. Either it is because I’m getting older and it just bugs me more, or it could be that there was just a little “less to do” back when we didn’t have all this convenient technology and the new cover sheets for our TPS reports…

How do guys feel about the subject?
Any good stories you want to share we can all learn from?