“Pilots with lots of gas make good decisions!” As a pilot and flight instructor I really like that phrase, and it was actually only last summer that I heard it for the first time. The other captain I flew with most of the season always used to say it, especially when it came time to decide if we should fly another load on the fire or head back for fuel. The Skycrane is actually a pretty simple aircraft to calculate fuel burn with because it makes very little difference what the mission is or the altitude. She always burns almost the same amount, there really is no “stretching” it by using less power or flying way conservative. Even on cross-countries or sitting on the ground running it seems to burn almost the same. The only thing you need to watch out for is how FAST she is burning the gas. The fuel gauge is one of the fastest moving gauges on a crane.

Of course leave it up to Chuck to interpret the saying a little different. This strip actually took a lot of research because in trying to stay accurate with our strips we had to find out what makes a chicken gassy. And there you have it! Burritos! Who knew?