I have days (currently actually) when it’s a little more difficult laughing at this joke of ours then others. On this tour I need to fill out Report A, then scan it with the cam scanner, then email it to the laptop that goes with the aircraft, then download said report and save it in the “Report A” folder, then load it back up on the company lap top where it will be added to Report B (which I also just filled out – which literally has the same information on it, yet it’s on a different company form for a different company) so they can both go together to 5 different people. At least this year we got rid of Report C which was pretty much only a prediction of what the crews here think “might” be happening tomorrow. That doesn’t include updating 2 iPads (2 in case one breaks) and the currently applicable navigation data for the country I am in, plus the GPS(‘s).
Now, depending on the upload times here in the bush, this process takes anywhere from 20 min up to 5 hours.
I might be dating myself but I remember a time when we had a chart (which always worked, even if you left it in the aircraft in the sun all day) and we faxed a sheet with the days flight times to one fax number.

Ok, so bring on the pro and con arguments. Let’s hear (read, rather) them.