I remember the day well when I built a 1:72 model of an A-10 Thunderbolt. I don’t know how old I was, but it must have been some time in my mid-teens. That particular plane was the model that I put in the most effort yet. And it looked pretty good! I had painted the whole fuselage and even added a lot of detail to the cockpit.

There was one problem though. The real A-10 has a very heavy machine gun in the front, whereas the model was all plastic. So, the weight and balance didn’t work out, and the model would always fall back, if you wouldn’t put in some sort of weight in the front. I had failed to do so, of course, but already had the fuselage glued shut. I could still spread it apart a little bit at the seams though, so, in an ingenious flash of brilliance, I decided to just pour in some glue in there as extra weight. Well, the inevitable happened and all the glue poured into the cockpit, where it dissolved the canopy and turned it into a white, opaque dome. I was so frustrated that I had ruined days of work within a couple of minutes that I pretty much gave up on my “model career” after that.

And that is why my brother still builds all kinds of models and I play guitar instead.