I really love the comments you guys leave underneath each strip! Some are really funny, some are really insightful, some are both. A few are downright weird, but well, that’s only to be expected in a public forum. (We are usually very hands-off in our moderation style and only erase posts if the profanities get out of hand). I think I also speak for Mike when I say that we both really enjoy reading the reactions to our strips or related blog posts.

What’s interesting to us is that it is so hard to predict when a discussion will erupt and when there’ll only be the internet equivalent of tumbleweed and crickets. Last Tuesday was an exception, because we were pretty sure that everybody has an opinion on Christmas traditions and chocolate. And I also expected that some people wouldn’t know what an Elf on a Shelf is, since I haven’t heard of it before myself. It turns out that the “tradition” is even less old than Chicken Wings, so either it doesn’t really qualify as tradition, or we can call our strips “traditional” too! For me personally, the regular update routine for our website certainly is more deeply ingrained than many other traditional or habitual tasks.

Anyway, I’m rambling! So here’s another strip on the subject of advent calendars. Then we will lay the subject to rest again, even though Christmas is still a couple of weeks off.

Oh, and last but not least: We are having a Book Cover Contest! Basically, we’re looking for ideas for our next book cover. You can win a Julio-style Roost Air hat!