We all know those people who can’t seem to know what they’re thinking, if they can’t hear themselves saying it first. I admit that I also sometimes find my brain going on in autopilot and only after finishing a sentence, I realize what I have just said. Unfortunately, this happens to me even more frequently when I’m a bit nervous, e.g. when I’m speaking in front of a group of people.

I guess that will make it interesting for everybody this Sunday. Because, as I’ve already mentioned a couple of times, I’ll be attending the Vienna ComicCon this weekend as a guest. And I will be part of a panel with and about Austrian comic artists on Sunday, 13:00.

So, if you’re just now deciding to go, you will have to go on Sunday anyway, because Saturday tickets are sold out. So I’m looking forward to a crowded show and hope I will maybe see some of you there! Cheers!