We recently stumbled over the Portugal Skyuber story through reddit and thought it was interesting. Personally I have no idea how that would work in the States, or in any other country for that matter. I think you would need at least a commercial rating and then I’m not sure if I would get into a small plane with just anybody. The longer I fly, the more careful I get. What do you guys think?

The regular Uber on the other hand is an awesome idea! They finally made it into Vegas which makes me really happy, since the cabs here were more or less a Mafia-esque monopoly-style operation doing whatever they wanted to do. There were even times when I couldn’t get to the airport (Yes, “ABC Union Cab Company of Las Vegas”, I’m calling you out specifically) because the driver decided to “not accept” the fare since it wasn’t worth his time. Apparently I live too close to the airport. Yet nobody told me of this decision until after I called in for the 3rd time wondering where my cab was. Then there was no excuse or apology.

Another time I had a guy tell me to “get the f… out of my cab” as we arrived at my house because once again the trip wasn’t long enough and the fare not enough for him. Of course this (Union Cab, again) driver waited for me to pay him first before becoming all angry. I could go on but I won’t…

There will be no love lost on my part if all of these guys go broke thanks to Uber. And you can tell that they have already started to pick up their game slightly right when the news broke about Uber.

Rant over!

Back to flying! You think a Skyuber is a good idea, or even possible?