As you guys know, Chuck, and Mike, and Stefan all love Corsairs and everything surrounding Corsairs and everything related to this awesome WWII fighter plane, the F4U Corsair. So it might not come as a surprise to you that we have a ton of Corsair Memorabilia and probably a few extras laying around. Let’s do a quick Roost-Air Raffle and give away a free Corsair mug to “aviation up” your kitchen.
(did I use the word “Corsair” enough in a sentence correctly?)

Tell us what your favorite airport is and maybe a quick byline why and we’ll draw a winner next Tuesday!

F4U Corsair Mug

F4U Corsair Mug

I’ll start: Camarillo, CA – KCMA – because that’s where I soloed my first helicopter, the airport restaurant is awesome, and a chapter of the CAF is based there with lots of cool old planes.

The rules are: Post your comment in the … uhm … “comment” section by clicking on “comment” underneath this post on our website and wait until Tuesday. If your “comment” isn’t airport related, it won’t enter the contest 😉
I think that’s it. Comments posted on facebook are welcome but won’t enter the contest since we don’t want to exclude non-facebook users. And don’t worry, posting a comment on our website doesn’t sign you up for a newsletter, spam, or anything else. Just post your name and email. Doesn’t even need to be your real name but should be your real email if you want to be notified as the winner 😉

We want to see where you guys think the coolest airports are! So…… GO!

Corsair Mug

Model not included!!