You wanna see stressed out, pissed off, and irritated pilots, mechanics, and air traffic controllers? Have them go a day without coffee!!

Aviation seems to run on coffee. At least that has been my experience in the last 25 years. Makes you wonder if aviation would have been even possible if we didn’t invent coffee first.

Lots of them are even what I consider “coffee snobs” which is often denied to me because when you are on the road and in the middle of nowhere, you run into a lot of “beggars can’t be choosers” situations. Yet I am not ashamed to say we had a coffee maker in our maintenance pod all season. Naturally, a sleepy, not-thinking-straight, barely-rolled-out-of-bed Chuck might panic at the first sign of being out of coffee. Let’s all just be glad Julio kept a cool head this morning, especially since he is also known to be somewhat of a coffee addict. Have I used the word “coffee” enough yet in this blog?