In the earlier days of my aviation career I was working as mechanic helper for a little outfit at my home town air field. I actually was more like our Jason character back then with tons of questions (except that I had better tutors than Chuck who actually pointed me in the right direction) coming in early and staying late just so I can hang out at the airport. One of my many jobs there was sweeping and polishing the hangar floors on a regular basis. This was very important not only for professional maintenance reasons but also because one of our senior mechanics in the hangar liked to walk around barefoot in the summer and didn’t want to step on fasteners and safety-wire pieces.

However, I was also able to balance a broom on my forehead similar to what Julio is demonstrating in today’s comic. And of course the moment I first demonstrated this skill to my fellow employees ended up also being the exact moment when the boss walked into the hangar with his boss from corporate. So, once again, can you see how the inception of Chicken Wings was just a matter of time?