Nobody can tell me we haven’t all been there before! I am certainly guilty and learned many lessons like this the hard way, sometimes over and over. I guess I’m not a quick study. It almost looks like Nobu is getting off easy on this trip by Chuck getting sick. Julio had to endure so much more in the past. We have so many Chuck-airshow-adventures by now I’m starting to wonder if we have enough for a book even 😉

I hope some of you actually get to see the Blue Angels live, if not this weekend then in the near future at least. As far as I am concerned they are a must on every aviation enthusiasts bucket list. Even us rotor-heads all agree that if one must go stuck-wing, this would be the way to travel and the thing to do. Plus those jets are so shiny, I just love them.

The ones among you who are going: Post pictures please! And let us know how you enjoyed the show and what all we missed.