I think I learned the word “olfactory” from the novel “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind. I can really recommend that book! And for those of you who prefer movies, there’s even a really good movie adaption. It was really big here in Europe, but I wonder if it made its way over the pond to the States. So few movies make it big in that direction!

And although the movie was really great, with stunning camera work, I feel like the book does a better job with describing the world of smells the main character lives in, something that’s hard enough with language, but even harder to do with images.

Anyway, now I can show off with that word every now and then. And that’s the main goal of reading, right? To be able to sound like a pretentious snob by using lingo the plebs don’t understand and throw around phrases like “I guess the movie was fine, but I really preferred the book”. I think I have managed to do both in this blog!