Flashback! We are throwing in another classic strip for all of you who may not have been following us since 2002. I can’t believe it has been close to 15 years already! Maybe it is time for another “Silver Chicken”.

Even though we might find ourselves laughing at Chuck here, the ones among us who fly will know that big airports can be confusing and to some very intimidating. I am the first one to admit I have made the occasional mistake which lead me “down the wrong path” so to speak much to the dismay of the ground controller. But since the conception of this strip, “runway incursions” have become an increasingly bigger deal with the FAA with fines increasing as well. The current penalty for suddenly finding yourself on the wrong runway is a 60 day license suspension according to the AOPA websites we have found.

Most ATC controllers I know rather have you verify your clearance when you are not sure instead of going nose-to-nose with another aircraft. So essentially, Chuck is doing the right thing here (imagine that!).