It is funny how you sometimes fail to see the simplest solution. I have done something similar before. We landed a helicopter in Reno with some special equipment on it that kept it from being moved with a tug. Not wanting to remove and re-install it, we opted for tying down the aircraft really well (at below freezing temperatures, btw) which took a while. Then we had to take them all off again the next morning. Everything was frozen. We had to rent a “Herman Nelson” heater to heat up the gearboxes, and so forth… It ended up taking us way more time than simply taking the equipment off and putting the aircraft in a hangar.

Lesson learned.

It really wasn’t funny at the time but it eventually worked its way into a Chicken Wings strip. Sometimes it takes me a few days (sometimes weeks) to see the humor in what is currently happening to me. But when I do, it usually works out for Chuck and the gang 😉