Okay, although we used the whole “IKEA instructions can be confusing” meme for this strip to work, I have to admit that I never really had any problems reading their instructions and assembling IKEA furniture. I have bought assemble-it-yourself furniture in other stores too, and those instructions were not always that straightforward.

Although I have to admit that I did make some mistakes when assembling stuff. My “favorite” one is this:

We had these skirting along the walls. By the way, I had to look this word up in the dictionary and it told me the correct term is “plinth”. Seriously? What kind of word is that supposed to be? Is that correct? Anyway, I mean this wooden strip at the bottom corner of the wall, that prevents you from hitting the wall with chair legs etc.

We bought this brand new wardrobe closet from IKEA (Pax, for anyone who’s interested), and I decided to saw off the bottom corners of the side panels, so I could push it all the way to the wall. Turns out, it would have been smart to saw the corners off in a mirror-inverted way. So I ended up with a closet that has three corners missing …

But that had nothing to do with the instructions, of course, and I accept full responsibility!

Do any of you guys have any funny furniture stories?