I remember that, when I was a kid, we still had the occasional power outage now and then, during thunderstorms for example. Now the grid has become so stable that I can only remember two power outages during the last two decades or so. The last one was during winter, and boy was I glad to have my wood burner, my head lamp and a battery powered radio! It’s good to be prepared!

It’s funny, but when it comes to the subject of preparedness, people always seem to consider extreme scenarios, in particular the “end of the world”. Then they seem to split into two camps: Those who want to prepare for a “Mad Max” doom scenario and those who say “well, if it’s the end of the world, what’s the use of preparing” and don’t prepare at all.

I’m certainly not prepared for Armageddon. But I think a middle ground approach is the most reasonable one, i.e. in my opinion, food and water for a couple of weeks and some way to stay warm. Oh, and, most importantly, good relations to your neighbors and friends.

Where do you fall on the preparedness-continuum? Do you have your own chickens and have achieved complete autarky? Or do you rely solely on your credit card and don’t think anything bad will happen?