You guys know which movie Chuck is talking about, right?! Or are we really dating ourselves here? We grew up with all the 80’s movies and so, by default, so did Chuck even though he’s not quite as old as us.

I personally love looking at and into old hangars. You never know what you’ll find in there (of course there is the occasional rat to deal with) and I have seen some great things. Unfortunately I don’t get around the really small airports much anymore flying the heavy helicopters (Chucks hangar would probably be blown down by a Skycrane) but occasionally we end up near old hangars. The best part is if you end up running into some great guy who is in the middle of restoring a really cool plane. I have to say, I have never run into anybody in an old hangar that wasn’t excited to share his and/or his aircraft’s story. Imagine taking a tour through some of the old “Skunk Works” hangars?!!

What are some cool airports with interesting old hangars you guys have stumbled across?