Well, I guess Mike could write more about power line survey flights than me, but he’s flying right now. Not in a helicopter, but in the passenger seat of an airliner. But I guess that doesn’t exactly minimize the risk of having somebody with smelly feet around. Plus, on airliners, people even take their shoes off too!

Anyway, on to more serious stuff. I’ve been thinking about commenting about the shooting in Paris, because we’re usually not big on political stuff here. But itโ€™s very sad that, just a couple of day after I write about empathy and understanding, and how people and groups are pitted against each other, the terror incident in Paris happened. As a cartoonist, it hits close to home.

People who commit such acts truly have very, very narrow minds and I feel pity for them. Not as much as for the victims, by far. But if you end up in a place like those murderers, your life must suck pretty bad.

Norway did such a great job after the Breivik shootings in NOT reacting with a police state reflex, and keeping an open society and upholding their values. I sure hope the French and all other Europeans can follow their example.

When I heard the news, I instantly felt really, really angry. But we need to be careful who we direct our anger against and not not fall into the โ€žus vs. themโ€œ trap. Of course, the murderers should be brought to justice and contemplate their actions behind bars for the rest of their lives. But we need to approach the underlying problem, which, in my humble opinion is a lack of education and love, and the bad childhoods that form monsters like that.

Violence breeds violence. But philosophy can prevent and cure fanaticism and peaceful parenting can prevent the emergence of psychopaths.

Love and peace!