Hey there, fellow Aviators and Aviation fans!

Going with the times, the chickens will take Thanksgiving off (except Stefan, since he lives in “the old world”, and Hans since he still hasn’t caught on) and have a Black Friday deal for you! Chuck is slashing the prices on all Roost-Air gear, gifts and books! Get your Christmas Shopping done early!

On Friday, use promo code “CHUCKBF2014” during checkout! It’s easy to remember, think “Chuck is my Best Friend” or “Chuck Black Friday”!


And in other news:

The ones among you who keep track of us on our Website, Facebook and Twitter may have seen a few similarities between Chicken Wings and “AviatorWebsite.com” lately. We have been working for AviatorWebsite for many years already (well, mostly Stefan) in form of designing all kinds of Greeting Cards and parts of the website.

After initially teaming up, Roost-Air ended up taking control of AviatorWebsite entirely (see? This happens everywhere in aviation, not just the airline industry). With this we were able to re-launch Stefan’s designs of fun Aviation Christmas Cards which we are very excited about. We’re especially excited about the “Santa’s Adventures” Series which we think is extremely funny.

Our plan is to eventually merge the two websites and have AviatorWebsite run the shipping and handling for the Chicken Wings Online shop in the States. But this will still take a little while since Chicken Wings currently ships worldwide and AviatorWebsite only domestic US and Canada.

But eventually the goal will be to offer you an even wider variety of fun aviation gifts, books, t-shirts, and other fun flying related stuff on a better, easier to navigate, secure online shop platform.

So come check out both websites this Winter and stay tuned for more news on the merger. AviatorWebsite will also be running a 20% off deal on Black Friday for those of you who live in the US or Canada!