Fellow Aviators behold! We have another Airplane Coloring Book!

We were down to only 3 boxes of our first coloring book and it was time to re-print. So we thought instead of re-printing the same thing,
let’s just make a completely new coloring book with new images. And this is what we came up with.

Having some experience with coloring books by now we made some changes which should improve your kids’ (or your) coloring experience. We spent a good deal of time test-coloring on all kinds of different papers in order to find one that’s rough enough so the crayon sticks to it well and thick enough so you don’t have colors shine through when you flip the page, yet thin enough to keep shipping costs low. The test coloring was the fun part!

We have also changed the font so it shows upper and lower case letters properly in case schools wanted to use it. This was something we didn’t think of when we made our first coloring book. We had an Elementary School class help us with the aircraft descriptions and bylines and make the appropriate corrections to our less than perfect English skills. Thank you Mrs. Breaux and the kids of Summerville Elementary School for your help! We also set out to find a small business local printer instead of giving our money to a big corporate machine.

The cover is just as glossy but we made it a little thinner to improve shipping costs for our wholesale customers. Just like in the last book we have a great mix of airplanes, jets, helicopters, and puzzles in there and added a few firefighting aircraft, which of course are near and dear to Mike’s heart.

Amazing how much thought and planning goes into a simple coloring book, isn’t it?

But wait, there’s more! Best of all, we were able to get you a lower price!

You can now get them in both our US SHOP and our European SHOP. If you are looking for mass orders of 50 books or more for an event or giveaway please contact us!

And as always, please write us and tell us what you think!