Ah, the old IFR hood. I have spent many hours wearing this sexy hat going through my instrument training and even more time putting young hopefuls through their training when I was a CFI. Some of those hoods have gotten a little more sophisticated than the ones they had back in my days but the idea is the same. The ones of you who fly instruments are very familiar I am sure.

For the ones of you who don’t have an instrument flight rating: “The hoods” function is exactly as Chuck describes it in the strip. You put this thing on and it keeps you from looking outside the window when you are practicing flying solely by instruments. That way you don’t have to actually be in the clouds (especially if you’re training in areas like California or Nevada where there aren’t a lot of clouds) and the instructor can look for traffic instead of you while flying in perfect conditions. If things go wrong, you take the hood off and just keep flying the way you’re used to under VFR conditions (which means looking outside and enjoy the scenery – for more info on pilot lingo, check out our page.

Let’s hear some IFR training stories from you guys!