So Chuck finally has a girl’s attention and he is reaching deep into his bag of tricks to keep her interested. It seems a lot of you wish him the best. Maybe he deserves to get lucky one of these days. The long-time readers among you know of course that Chuck has been on one or the other date before but has not yet been able to hold on to a chick for a longer time.

Bad hearing does seem to be an aviation affliction though. I think it runs in the fixed-wing side as well but I know for sure it’s affecting the helicopter side. My own family is proof of that. Almost all my in-laws have worked around helicopters and chainsaws at one point or another and none of them hear well. You should hear the sound level at those family gatherings!
It’s along the lines of …

“It’s windy today!”
“What? No! It’s Thursday!”
“So am I! Let’s have a beer!”

I am also starting to feel the effects even though I am much more careful around helicopters the older I get. I am spending way more money on better headsets and helmets now that I used to. It’s worth it! Unfortunately it doesn’t undo the damage you do as a young buck not listening (even though the hearing was better then) what to old aviators are telling you …