This situation could also fall into the “it’s been like that for over 2 weeks, so it’s normal” category. Another favorite of mine, especially when I was working as mechanic, is always “it broke right when I landed!” HAHA!
I’m pretty sure we won’t get anybody here admitting on the internet to what all they have done and/or thought of doing during their aviation career.
But I’m sure all of you in the piloting business have flown that one aircraft with that one little annoying yet constant problem that never gets fixed. Nothing unsafe or un-airworthy, just annoying. I sure have! (Or have I? We may never know …)

That’s what makes Chuck so loveably, we can relate to him, can’t we? At a minimum we see “that one guy we know who is just like Chuck”. But admit it, if we dig deeper we see a little of ourselves in Chuck …