Chicken Wings Il Primo LibroWe have great news for all our friends and fans from Italy! Our first book has just been published in Italian! We have started a partnership with an Italian publisher, and the great folks at LoGisma Editore have embarked on the project of translating all our work into Italian. The plan is to publish all our books, one by one, in the order they were published by us. So, logically, our first book was the first in line.

For all the Facebookers among you, there is a “Chicken Wings Italia” Facebook page that you can like and share.

So, dear friends and fans in Italy, please help us make this a success! Show your support to our friends at LoGisma and JP4 magazine (who have been translating and printing our strips for many years now) so you can soon enjoy all our stuff in Italian!
Salve Ragazzi!