I am sure it was really hard for Julio to admit to Chuck he needed help. I guess we’ll see if Chuck brings up this moment in the future. I wouldn’t put it past him.

I got myself in all kinds of tight situations back in my mechanic days. What didn’t help was the fact that I am a short and skinny guy. So whenever it came to somebody having to climb into an airplane tail or helicopter tail-boom, it somehow always ended up being me. I don’t remember actually getting stuck but I got close to panicking a few times, HAHA.

And then there are the airplanes for which you have to be triple-jointed for to work on them. The worst plane I have ever worked on was an air-conditioned Cessna Skymaster with retractable gear. Try changing a vacuum pump on the rear engine on that sucker! This might be where Julio’s disdain for Skymasters comes from (we might never know).

What’s the worst aircraft fixing experiences you guys have had? And other nightmare planes out there?