And the mug goes to …

William Vergonet! (Boy, I hope I spelled that right)

Thanks for playing, guys! We’ll have another contest soon. I think it’s great that a mechanic won the Julio mug! The runner up and winner of the CW book is Adam Jacobs. Please write us a PM or email with your address and we’ll have the prize to you in no-time!

Speaking of Julio, this is another of my favorite strips because it’s very relate-able and I may or may not have lived this moment in my aviation career (strongly leaning towards “may”).

People who know me know that I used a Muppet Show ring tone for certain individuals and a company I used to work for. We also used to listen to music while working with Panaca Jane and even had dedicated playlists for going to a fire, returning to base, or recons for example.
Of course Chuck, being the aviation movie fanatic that he is, has to play “Ride of the Valkyries” every time he goes out flying the helicopter. I’m guessing it’s followed by “Fortunate Son” and “Paint it Black”….

Which songs do you guys think are on his Fixed Wing playlist?