I’m sure all of us have daydreamed about winning the lottery, right? Even though I am convinced that the lottery is just an ingenious scheme to put an additional tax on the great unwashed masses while at the same time giving them the illusion of being able to escape their squalor, I still buy a ticket once in a while. The reasoning behind that decision is that, even though I know the statistics are against me, I feel like I have to give luck a chance to strike. I can’t complain about never winning the lottery if I don’t play in the first place.

It is important to not make gambling your primary investment vehicle though. I’ve seen little old, poor looking ladies spend what seemed like their whole disposable income on lottery scratch tickets, and stuff like that just breaks my heart. But spending $10 or something a month on things like that is perfectly fine in my book.

Here in Europe there is a continent-wide lottery game, where recently there was a 100 million Euro jackpot. I have to be honest, I wouldn’t know what to do with that kind of money. Although it’d certainly qualify as a problem everybody would like to have, having a windfall of that magnitude would probably totally disrupt your life.

You’d probably have to keep really quiet about it. In our case, I’m sure you guys would notice though, because there would suddenly be a Chicken Wings animated TV series! And in Chuck’s case, I guess Julio would suddenly find a complete Corsair in the hangar …

Leaving all reasonable investments aside, what would be the most ridiculous or extravagant purchase you would make if you suddenly had a hundred million Euros or Dollars?